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Hell's Bells... (fwd)

From: netcomsv.netcom.com!netcom!lile (Lile Elam)
Date: 05 May 94
Originally To: toad.com!cypherpunks

I just noticed that [email protected] is listening in on this channel...


HELL, he's and asshole, his wife is a stupid kunt, his daughter is
an ugley little brat. But the cat's OK.

Health insurance reform

1) Dissallow preexisting clauses and limits in medical policies

2) Pool no hope cases (AIDS, Cancer etc.) in underwriter pool
covered by all insurance companies. 

3) Shit? no more medical insurance problems.

4) Oh yea, set maximum rates and make them uniform for all

5) Use public assistance for the remainder of people that fall in
the assistance level due to income.


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