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Re: The Value of Money (fwd) (fwd)

 It's people like this that make me seriously rethink my anti-gun
regulation stance.

-uni- (Dark)

why what ever do you mean? i think all american's should not have
guns or crypto. it would make for a safer society in that the
government could make sure there would be no more crime or pesky
drug dealers using cyfered messages to transmit their buy and sell
orders on international email. right-on ban crypto. of course the
way this group is going nobody outside of the internet clique will
ever get there hands on pgp or other crypto software. i tried to
find pgp on local bbs's in phoenix and had to call 8 of them before i
found 1 downloadable zip. the average users do not even know it is
available. thru ignorance of the bulk of the populace you will fail
in your crypto efforts. that is a shame too. you, and your group may
know all there is about crypto and may write the best crypto programs
ever written. butttttttttt......... without everyday clueless
non-internet/ftp/pgp familiar users, crypto is pointless. the power
is in distribution. and distribution breeds familiarity and
contempt for the governments brand of escrowed key system. given
the choice of one item in a resturant you only eat what is served
to you. with multiple items you choose the best. face it, if crypto
is outlawed it is too easy to clean out the net so to speak. if
nothing is agressivly distributed then the people will not have
it. if the people do not have it why waste your time writing it. if
it is made illegal you will be an outlaw. if you have distributed
in major cities before hand then at least the public has and will
have access. 


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