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Re: Regarding Mr. Nalbandian's Comments

At  5:37 AM 5/6/94 -0400, Michael Brandt Handler wrote:

>[3] Sending badly composed rants to seven hundred people and then
>publically posting a response to a private message is not the way to be
>taken seriously.

Great way to get dropped in a kill file, though, as he has with my mailer.

>People who use Elm: if you know how to create a killfile for Elm, please
>send me an email message telling how. Thanks.

Do a man filter.  If you need more help, mail me.  It's fairly simple, but
I'm offline reading mail on my Mac, so I don't have access to the
directions right now.

ObCrypt:  I just got my copy of Applied Cryptography.  It looks great.  Now
if only Bruce were in the country so I could mail and get the disks so I
don't have to type all the code in. :-)


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