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> . . . meant to be used by both the government and
> the private sector on a strictly voluntary, as-needed basis --
> and is not intended to be mandated in the future, a National
> Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) official said today
> in congressional testimony.

	I would have been impressed if they left out "intended." 
The above "testimony" is meaningless.  How is NIST supposed to know
what diabolical plans NSA/etc has in store for us.

>      But the increasing proliferation of encryption techniques
> also is expected to make the law enforcement community's job more
> difficult, he said, and the voluntary key escrow approach
> provides a way for law enforcement authorities -- when legally
> authorized -- to decode messages sent over telecommunications
> systems using the key escrow technique.

	This is the same argument used for the Digital Telephony Bill.
That's MANDATORY . . it won't work if it's voluntary.

> . . . Companies can choose to use the system when
> they need excellent security -- or they can use any other
> encryption technologies available in the marketplace.

	Can companies believe the government's secret[obscure] crypto 
is safer than PGP or it's offspring? Why does the government feel
the need to spend all our money and provide us with inferior encryption? 
ANSWERS:  1] They're lying to us.
	  2] They have too much money..and we trust them to print it? 

It's too bad people, in general, believe what they hear, not what is done.
The Master Plan to hypnotize our nation [+the world?] into supporting
what they have not a clue about continues . . . 
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