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I am sorry I bothered you.

I am sorry to have bothered the group known as cyberpunks.
Please forgive me, but I must go.
There is a TV program about guns in America, I must watch this so I
may have a good laff.
They say you can buy a gun on the street anywhere. I doubt if I
could here near Arizona State University (rated #1 party school by
playboy magazine). But if an econimist would look at graphs for
public assistance from the Fed and comparied it with crime rate
per 1,000 citizens in an area he probly could find an area to
purchase guns rather rapidly (he probly would not need to look at
the crime figures, just public assistance).
Freenzy like a shark. The newspapers do a survey to see what
people are concerned about. They are concerned about crime. So they
write articles about crime. People get more concerned about crime.
So they write more articles 8 (that is supose to be sideways)
Intresting to note, no one brags about the statistics involving
police officers and violent gun related crime. Could it be that
having a hand gun strapped to your belt deters crime? Or is it
just the bullet proof vest. I know this is stupid second amendment
talk, but it is only one away from cryptographies 1st amendment
and 3 away from the 5th that should allow you to have any crypto
your heart desires. After they strike down the right to protect
your documents on your word processer, what next, torture for
confessions? Well one thing for sure you probly won't have a gun
to defend your freedom of speech or your freedom to assemble or any
other freedom you can think of that can be taken away in the
proclamation of national intrest. Sorry for bothering you.


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No free man shall ever be de-barred the use of arms. The strongest
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