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From Todays` RISKS column

D >
D >White House May Issue National ID Cards
D >
D >The Clinton administration is working on a national ID card that 
D >every American would need in order to interact with any federal agency, 
D >reports Digital Media: A Seybold Report, a computer industry newsletter 

Gee.  It's a good thing I don't "interact with any federal agency" or I'd 
be really worried.


"Ver are yur paypers?"  

I lost them.
I'm an illegal alien.  I don't have any.
I'm a foreign tourist.
I forget.
I'm homeless.
I'm an anarchist (a recognized alternative life/style) and I don't        
  believe in such things.
My dog ate them.
As a product of the public schools, I couldn't read them so I must have   
       thrown them away.
Where are your papers?

--- WinQwk 2.0b#1165