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Re: *Here they come

>   Lefty reports some really nasty political facts in *Here they come
>about what constitutes sexual harassment. Would it be sexual harasse-
>ment to put up signs saying "DEATH TO THE POLITICALLY CORRECT" OR
>"DEATH TO STATISTS". Or, you could wear buttons or drop the phrases
>casually in conversations. It would surely be protected speech by the
>1st Amendment. In case pressure was brought against you, you could just
>say "hey, I was only kidding."
>   I think that we should think past behavior that bothers us in certain
>cases &, instead, think about the kinds of people who constantly
>sanction this behavior. When these people realized that we morally
>sanctioned their deaths, they would be less pushy. Or, at least, we
>could help redefine "hostile environment" for them.

I doubt that there's a court in the land, not even in California, that
would view the phrases "DEATH TO THE POLITICALLY CORRECT" or "DEATH TO
STATISTS" as being sexual in nature.

Beyond that, and I feel certain this will disappoint you, I haven't a clue
as to what you're talking about.

Lefty ([email protected])
C:.M:.C:., D:.O:.D:.