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*Here they come

   Lefty reports some really nasty political facts in *Here they come
about what constitutes sexual harassment. Would it be sexual harasse-
ment to put up signs saying "DEATH TO THE POLITICALLY CORRECT" OR
"DEATH TO STATISTS". Or, you could wear buttons or drop the phrases
casually in conversations. It would surely be protected speech by the
1st Amendment. In case pressure was brought against you, you could just
say "hey, I was only kidding."
   I think that we should think past behavior that bothers us in certain
cases &, instead, think about the kinds of people who constantly
sanction this behavior. When these people realized that we morally
sanctioned their deaths, they would be less pushy. Or, at least, we
could help redefine "hostile environment" for them.
                                           hey, its just a goof,
                                           Gary Jeffers