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Enhanced One-time pad

What I love about the nets....

Part 1073

<New one time pad software announcement elided.>

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J >Thanks,  Jim Pinson -Galapagos
J >         [email protected]
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"Ergonomics is an important part of interface design"

Proposed HyperForm "Document" standard:

"The Ruger Mini-14 was based on the US Army's M-14 battle rifle.

Make sure your Molecular Deposition Desktop Fabricator is turned on and 
click the buttons to produce some samples.

        ----------        ----------         ----------  
        l  Mini  l        l  100   l         l  2,000 l       
        l   14   l        l  Round l         l Rounds l    
        l        l        l  Drum  l         l  .223  l     
        ----------        ----------         ----------    

--- WinQwk 2.0b#1165