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Canada/Newbie correction

A little while ago I responded to Mr. Brock's forward of the Toronto Sun 
article about Canada's position on Clipper.

I responded that it was surprising and a testimony to the list that most 
of the arguments made by the policy maker (Former Canadian Defense 
Minister) were issues we had been discussing from early on.  I commented 
that as issue spotters the 'punks seemed to be 3 months to 1 year ahead 
of the game on most subjects.

I then went on to explain that this might create part of the unfriendly 
feel of the list for new users, who get on wanting to discuss "current" 
events that have by this time already been tossed out and around on the 
list by the 'punks.

I fear Mr. Brock was mildly offended by my post.

Just to be clear, I never meant to imply that Mr. Brock's post was 
"behind the times" or in any way unwelcome.  Quite the opposite I assure 
you, the post was a good insight into the mind of a foreign official and 
a valuable perspective on the arguments in general.

Most of my posts are fairly "as they come to my fingers," and as a result 
structure is often lacking.  Hence, I fear the impression that I was 
persecuting or poking at Mr. Brock somehow.

Not so.  Please continue to forward such posts Mr. Brock, your taste gets 
a positive reputation certificate from me!

-uni- (Dark)