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Re: pgp 2.6 stupidity


> PGP 2.3a and earlier were not American software -- they were written
> and produced overseas and were IMPORTED into the U.S.
> They infringe on no patents or copyrights when used overseas.
> Well, I have lots of correspondants overseas, using perfectly legal
> software. They cannot legally use PGP 2.6 -- it isn't exportable.
> Therefore, this idiocy will act to cut me off from my overseas
> correspondants. I will not be able to use the current version of PGP
> and still communicate with them. I will therefore be forced to use
> older versions -- probably repeatedly patched versions of 2.5.

Perhaps you should consider adopting the more internation and just as 
secure Clipper system.

This will eliminate all your hastles and it's freely exportable!

> Perry

-uni- (Dark), who would put a smiley in, but it seems no laughing matter.

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