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[ANON] War in rec.guns

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 -=> Quoting [email protected] to John Nieder <=-

 Th> Frankly, if anyone should be discreet, I wish it would be the folks
 Th> who use my personal E-mail address.  Getting exposed to the message
 Th> involuntarily is something of a drag.  At least when such messages are
 Th> posted to the rec.guns address, I am left with the _choice_ of whether
 Th> or not to access the post. 

Alas, Tom, this is untrue.  My posts to rec.guns are being stopped by
the moderator, as are at least some of the other pro-anon messages going
to the group.  I put a Bcc: list up including you and others who had
commented on the [ANON] thread there or to me by netmail so you would
have an unfiltered source for my posts in the continuing discussion.

You may get two more posts from a mailing I already sent out tonight,
but in that you are apparently requesting that you receive no more
netmail on this I will delete your name.

Any others receiving these posts netmail who do not wish to, please let
me know and I will delete them from the Bcc: list, with my apologies.

If indeed the moderator was following his philosophy of - what was it? -
"sunlight" or "openness," in the newsgroup instead of selective
suppression of dissenting messages, these mailings would have been

Thanks for your patience.

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