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[ANON] War in rec.guns

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 * Reply to msg originally in TlkPolGuns

 -=> Quoting [email protected] to All <=-

 >  -=> Quoting John Nieder <=-

 > Secondly, a lot of folks do not feel easy about posting to ANY
 > gun-related list or group because of employer, social or other prejudice
 > to which they may be subjected.  If a [email protected]
 > wants to use a simple remailer for putting a little shade on his
 > participation, I don't feel it's anyone else's business; "caution is not
 > cowardice and carelessness is not courage."  More importantly, it's
 > nobody else's _problem_ as long as the content of the post is not
 > objectionable.  

 Jo> So censorship is allowable if the post is objectionable?

I didn't say that, nor mean it.  All I said was that there isn't a
_problem_ unless it's in the content, just as with any other message in
a newsgroup.  The fact that a remailer is used in itself doesn't create
a problem in its posting of an otherwise benign message.  See?

 Jo> Wouldn't
 Jo> that mean the moderator has to make more subjective judgements?

I don't know, but if he was killing messages, he'd at least have to have
a reason.  Someone's address isn't one.  The moderator in question here
(rec.guns) subjectively censors my messages because of content, if
that's your point.

 Jo> How
 Jo> long would it be before someone started yelling "outst the moderator"
 Jo> due to   "subjective rejection criterea"?

Well, I for one already am.  Rejection of otherwise benign technical
posts for no other reason than having been gated through a remailer,
even non-anonymously with Reply-To: fields and sigs, is about as
subjective and arbitrary a rejection criterion as I can personally
imagine, especially in view of all the absolutely junk posts that do
pass muster.

 Jo> I assume that some of this
 Jo> is with reguards to rec.guns.

Most of it, yes, at the moment.

 Jo> The moderator there does an excellent
 Jo> job even if a little too much political stuff occasionally creeps in.

Particularly his irrational fear of remailered posts.  Pure politics.

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