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Sternlight's attack on 2.3a

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Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 16:09:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian Beker <[email protected]>
Reply-To: Brian Beker <[email protected]>
Subject: Sternlight's attack on 2.3a
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
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Mr. Sternlight continues:

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>From netcom.com!strnlght Thu May 19 15:17:42 1994
Xref: netcom.com alt.fan.david-sternlight:1078 alt.security.pgp:13821
Newsgroups: alt.fan.david-sternlight,alt.security.pgp
Path: netcom.com!strnlght
From: [email protected] (David Sternlight)
Subject: Re: David Sternlight's Slurs About Folks With "2.3a" Keys
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected] (David Sternlight)
Organization: DSI/USCRPAC
References: <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 19:42:28 GMT
Lines: 29

By publishing a private e-mail, both beker and Johnson are in violation of
my copyright in that message, since it was a private communication and no
permission was given to republish.

Thus beker has now committed a new violation of his netcom agreement, and
Johnson shows he has bad judgement. What's more, by trying to make what
should be a private matter, to be decided by netcom based on their own
rules, into a public cause celebre, and by writing to netcom as Johnson did
to intervene in a private matter, he has made the situation worse for beker,
not better.

Netcom is perfectly capable of telling me to go peddle my papers if I'm
David Sternlight writes:
> [...]
> Complaining against another user to netcom is with netcom's rules.

> I am, of course, content to rely on netcom's decision in these two matters.
> The behavior of officious intermeddlers like Johnson speaks for itself.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!  I wish this man would overdose  
on whatever medication he must be taking.   Or...perhaps he already has!

P.S. Sternlight breaks down into a rather amusing number of combinations if you  
take it as "stern" and "light."  For example:

stern  ->  rump
light  ->  intense

Make up your own using the definitions below!
1stern \'stern\ adj
[ME sterne, fr. OE styrne; akin to OE starian to stare]
(bef. 12c)
1a: having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner: AUSTERE
b: expressive of severe dispeasure: HARSH
2: forbidding or gloomy in appearance
3: INEXORABLE Šstern necessityŮ
4: STURDY, STOUT Ša stern resolveŮ
syn see SEVERE 

– stern∑ly adv 

– stern∑ness \'stern-nes\ n 

2stern n
[ME, rudder, prob. of Scand origin; akin to ON stjoŇrn act of steering; akin to  
OE stűŇeran to steer – more at STEER]
1: the rear end of a boat
2: a hinder or rear part: the last or latter part 

ß Biographical Names:

Stern \'stern\ Isaac 1920-    Am. (Russ.-born) violinist 

Stern Otto 1888-1969 Am. (Ger.-born) physicist 

ß Thesaurus:

stern  adj
   syn    SEVERE 1, ascetic, astringent, austere, mortified 

   rel    grim, implacable, unrelenting; inexorable, inflexible
   ant    lenient, soft
||stern  n
   syn    BUTTOCKS, backside, beam, behind, bottom, ||butt, ||can, derriere,  
rump, tail
1light \'lűŇt\ n
[ME, fr. OE leŇoht; akin to OHG lioht light, L luc-, lux light, luceŇre to  
shine, Gk leukos white]
(bef. 12c)
1a: something that makes vision possible
b: the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors: BRIGHTNESS
c: an electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range including infrared,  
visible, ultraviolet, and X rays and traveling in a vacuum with a speed of  
about 186,281 miles per second; specif: the part of this range that is visible  
to the human eye
3: a source of light: as
a: a celestial body
c: an electric light
4 archaic: SIGHT 4a
5a: spiritual illumination
6a: public knowledge Šfacts brought to lightŮ
b: a particular aspect or appearance presented to view Šnow saw the matter in a  
different lightŮ
7: a particular illumination
8: something that enlightens or informs Šhe shed some light on the problemŮ
9: a medium (as a window or windowpane) through which light is admitted
10 pl: a set of principles, standards, or opinions Šworship according to one's  
lights –Adrienne KochŮ
11: a noteworthy person in a particular place or field: LUMINARY
12: a particular expression of the eye
 (2): a green traffic light
14: the representation of light in art
15: a flame for lighting something
– in the light of
1: from the point of view of
2 or in light of: in view of 

2light adj
(bef. 12c)
1: having light: BRIGHT Ša light airy roomŮ
2a: not dark, intense, or swarthy in color or coloring: PALE
b of colors: medium in saturation and high in lightness Šlight blueŮ
3 of coffee: served with extra milk or cream 

3light vb  light∑ed or lit \'lit\; light∑ing vi
(bef. 12c)
1: to become light: BRIGHTEN – usu. used with up Šher face lit upŮ
2: to take fire
3: to ignite something (as a cigarette) – often used with up
~ vt
1: to set fire to
2a: to conduct with a light: GUIDE
b: ILLUMINATE Šrockets light up the skyŮ
c: ANIMATE, BRIGHTEN Ša smile lit up her faceŮ 

4light adj
[ME, fr. OE leŇoht; akin to OHG lűŇhti light, L levi, Gk elachys small]
(bef. 12c)
1a: having little weight: not heavy
b: designed to carry a comparatively small load  Ša light truckŮ
c: having relatively little weight in proportion to bulk Šaluminum is a light  
d: containing less than the legal, standard, or usual weight Ša light coinŮ
2a: of little importance: TRIVIAL
b: not abundant: SCANTY Šlight rainŮ
3a: easily disturbed Ša light sleeperŮ
b: exerting a minimum of force or pressure: GENTLE Ša light touchŮ
c: resulting from a very slight pressure: FAINT Šlight printŮ
4a: easily endurable Ša light illnessŮ
b: requiring little effort Šlight workŮ
5: capable of moving swiftly or nimbly Šlight on his feetŮ
6a: FRIVOLOUS Šlight conductŮ
b: lacking in stability: CHANGEABLE Šlight opinionsŮ
c: sexually promiscuous
7: free from care: CHEERFUL
8: intended chiefly to entertain Šlight verseŮ Šlight comedyŮ
9a: having a comparatively low alcoholic content Šlight winesŮ
b: having a relatively mild flavor
10a: easily digested  Ša light soupŮ
b: well leavened  Ša light crustŮ
11: lightly armed or equipped Šlight cavalryŮ
12: coarse and sandy or easily pulverized Šlight soilŮ
13: DIZZY, GIDDY Šfelt light in the headŮ
14a: carrying little or no cargo Šthe ship returned lightŮ
b: producing goods for direct consumption by the consumer Šlight industryŮ
15: not bearing a stress or accent Ša light syllableŮ
16: having a clear soft quality Ša light voiceŮ
17: being in debt to the pot in a poker game Šthree chips lightŮ
 syn see EASY 

– light∑ish \-ish\ adj 

5light adv
(bef. 12c)
2: with little baggage Štravel lightŮ 

6light vi  light∑ed or lit \'lit\; light∑ing
[ME lighten, fr. OE lűŇhtan; akin to OE leŇoht light in weight]
(bef. 12c)
2: SETTLE, ALIGHT Ša bird lit on the lawnŮ
3: to fall unexpectedly
4: to arrive by chance: HAPPEN Šlit upon a solutionŮ
– light into: to attack forcefully  ŠI lit into that food until I'd finished  
off the heel of the loaf –Helen EustisŮ   

ß Thesaurus:

light  n
   syn    DAWN 1, aurora, cockcrow, cockcrowing, dawning, daybreak, daylight,  
morn, morning, sunrise
light  adj
   syn    FAIR 3, blond
light  vb
1      to cause something to start burning  Šlighted the fuse on the dynamiteŮ
   syn    enkindle, fire, ignite, inflame, kindle
   con    douse, ||dout, put out, quench, snuff; damp (down), smother, stamp  
   ant    extinguish
2  syn    ILLUMINATE 1, illume, illumine, lighten
light  adj
1      having little weight  Šthe package was lightŮ
   syn    featherlight, featherweight, imponderous, lightweight, unheavy,  

   rel    inconsequential, trifling, trivial; little, petty, small; flimsy,  
meager, slender, slight 

   idiom  light as a feather
   con    bulky, burdensome, cumbersome, huge, massive, overweight, ponderous,  
portl, unwieldy, weighty
   ant    heavy
2  syn    EASY 1, effortless, facie, royal, simple, smooth, untroublesome
   ant    arduous
3  syn    FAST 7, easy, loose, ||riggish, unchaste, wanton, whorish
4  syn    GIDDY 1, bird-witted, dizzy, empty-headed, featherbrained, flighty,  
frivolous, harebrained, rattlebrained, skittish
5  syn    LITTLE 3, casual, inconsiderable, insignificant, minor, petty,  
shoestring, small-beer, trivial, unimportant
6  syn    DIZZY 2, giddy, light-headed, swimming, swimmy, vertiginous
light  vb
1  syn    ALIGHT, land, perch, roost, set down, settle, sit down, touch down
2  syn    HAPPEN 2, bump, chance, hit, luck, meet, stumble, tumble

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