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Re: David Sternlight's Slurs About Folks With "2.3a" Keys

By publishing a private e-mail, both beker and Johnson are in violation of
my copyright in that message, since it was a private communication and no
permission was given to republish.

Thus beker has now committed a new violation of his netcom agreement, and
Johnson shows he has bad judgement. What's more, by trying to make what
should be a private matter, to be decided by netcom based on their own
rules, into a public cause celebre, and by writing to netcom as Johnson did
to intervene in a private matter, he has made the situation worse for beker,
not better.

Netcom is perfectly capable of telling me to go peddle my papers if I'm

Complaining against another user to netcom is with netcom's rules.

I am, of course, content to rely on netcom's decision in these two matters.
The behavior of officious intermeddlers like Johnson speaks for itself.

By the way, I sent a copy of my complaint to beker at netcom support's own
suggestion, in fairness to him. beker's abuse of that courtesy private e-mail
means he has given up any chance of getting such courtesies from me in