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FWD: Re: David Sternlight's Slurs About Folks With "2.3a" Keys

In article <[email protected]> you write:
>David Sternlight ([email protected]) wrote:
>: In article <[email protected]>,
>: Richard Johnson <[email protected]> wrote:
>: By publishing a private e-mail, both beker and Johnson are in violation of
>: my copyright in that message, since it was a private communication and no
>: permission was given to republish.
>Actually, David, since you did not register your copyrighted material 
>with the U.S. Copyright Office before the alleged infringement (I don't 
>know for sure that you actually authored that work, and you can't prove 
>that you did because you didn't sign it using *pgp*!!!), you are limited 
>to recovering your actual damages (such as lost profits), which in my 
>estimation would be zero...... Moreover, the re-print here is probably 
>justified as fair use for purposes of comment and criticism... which is 
>exactly what seems to be occuring here.
>Anyway, you have a difficult burden of establishing that the document 
>that you claim to be yours is actually yours, as any number of other 
>people could also claim to have written it.  
>Its a funny thing about the net... You can't be sure who wrote what...
>By the way, in your letter, you claim that you discovered a PGP key from 
>version 2.3a.... Now, how do you know that this was a PGP key?  DId you 
>run it through PGP to verify that it was?  Or are you just assuming that, 
>because it looks like a PGP public key, that it is???
>: Thus beker has now committed a new violation of his netcom agreement, and
>: Johnson shows he has bad judgement. What's more, by trying to make what
>: should be a private matter, to be decided by netcom based on their own
>: rules, into a public cause celebre, and by writing to netcom as Johnson did
>: to intervene in a private matter, he has made the situation worse for beker,
>: not better.
>We shall see...
>: Netcom is perfectly capable of telling me to go peddle my papers if I'm
>: wrong.
>Please let us know when they do that, David.
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