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Re: compatibility with future PGP

> Rick Busdiecker says:
> >     There are 250 million people in the U.S., which constitutes under
> >     1/20th of the Earth's population.
> > 
> > These statistics are somewhat misleading given that the vast majority
> > of users that are on the net are in the U. S.  I suspect that the same
> > is true for computer users in general, but I'm much less certain.
> > 
> > I agree that this legal silliness is unfortunate, but I don't think
> > that it's especially terrible that Adam would like to be able to
> > advocate PGP use at work without putting himself at risk.
> You've misunderstood. The point is only that overseas users,
> technically speaking, do not have access to 2.[56], and might want
> patches. I didn't say anything about whether Adam should be running
> 2.[56] on his machine.

That is a snotty answer to avoid answering the question, Perry.  Non-US/
Canadian users weren't supposed to have access to PGP in the first place,
so what's the problem?  If they want it, they can probably get it from the
place where they got PGP 2.X in the first place.
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