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Re: compatibility with future PGP

Ed Carp says:
> > You've misunderstood. The point is only that overseas users,
> > technically speaking, do not have access to 2.[56], and might want
> > patches. I didn't say anything about whether Adam should be running
> > 2.[56] on his machine.
> That is a snotty answer to avoid answering the question, Perry.

What question precisely is it that I'm not answering? I was unaware
that any question had even been asked.

Adam said that he didn't think patches were useful. I simply noted
that there are lots of people outside the U.S. who might want them.
Hell, there are lots of people inside the U.S. who might want them.
No one was implying by the distribution of such patches that Adam
should be running any software on his computer he doesn't feel
comfortable with.