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(fwd) FBI infiltrates Connected.com

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From: [email protected] (Turmoil)
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Subject: FBI infiltrates Connected.com
Date: 21 May 1994 11:48:31 -0700
Organization: Connected INC -- Internet Services
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Recently the staff at connected. has admitted that they have "invited" 
two FBI agents to roan that system. According to connected.staff these 
FBI agents are looking for "hackers phreaks" and people having copywritten 
programs.  I am pretty peaved about this, we don't know how long thev'e 
been here, what rights they have on the system, or much else. Just that 
they are here. Watching us.  Of course, I never use my account for 
illegal activities. Shit, I don't even do much illegal (except smoke a 
bit of pot) But I do not like the idea of giving up my rights against 
undue searches. This seems a reflection on the state of America today. 
This used to be a free country, but now there is a pig or FBI agent 
watching EVERYTHING you do. This is NOT the America described in the 
constitution. It's not a society of free, independent people. It is a 
dictatorship that must spy on it's own people in order to survive.

I am anxious to here what others that read these groups think about this. 

   Have A Nice Day     [email protected]
   The FBI have infiltrated this site, I am activly searching for a new site