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My 2.3a Key is listed as a 2.6 on MIT

On the WWW I went over to Brian LaMacchia's announced new keyserver and 
looked myself up.

I was amazed to see that my 2.3a key now carries a 2.6 version number and 
lists an 8-bit key ID.  The key ID is identical to the old one with two 
new characters up front.

I have never ordered 2.6 because I'm satisfied with 2.3a and rely on it 
for communications with people outside the US.  Does this bizarre 
"upgrading" mean that my key, as downloaded from that server, will 
function as a 2.6 key and become incompatible with 2.3n versions after 
the September 1st deadline?

And what are the other implications of the keyserver evidently 
automatically changing version numbers and ID's on public keys previously 
resident on the list?  I am bothered by seeing my key differ in any way 
from the way I originally generated it.

Brian Beker