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My 2.3a Key is listed as a 2.6 on MIT

   I was amazed to see that my 2.3a key now carries a 2.6 version number and 
   lists an 8-bit key ID.  The key ID is identical to the old one with two 
   new characters up front.

You mean--gasp!--that someone downloaded the whole keyring shortly
before the server was due to go down?  And then uploaded all the keys
with new version numbers, since nothing else needed to change?

I'm shocked.  Simply shocked.

   Does this bizarre "upgrading" mean that my key, as downloaded from
   that server, will function as a 2.6 key and become incompatible
   with 2.3n versions after the September 1st deadline?

No, it means the keyring format didn't change in the new version, and
that 2.6 prints out more of the last digits of your key, which hasn't
actually changed.