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Unicorn vs....

I have to support Black Unicorn's use of the courts.
Really, what choices were available?

a)  Do nothing.  Eat the losses.  Suffer destruction
    of his reputation.  Does anyone really advocate
    this?  Even the religiously inclined don't advocate
    turning the other cheek ad inifinitum...

b)  Mail bombs or other amusements.  Not only does one
    join the target in the same figurative gutter, there
    are real questions of efficacy and legality.  Simply
    because one side foreswears the legal system, there
    is no guarantee both sides will.  And, there is 
    absolutely no guarantee that a sys. admin. won't seek
    criminal prosecution under a tampering with the computer

c)  Hire some fool(s) to break the target's hands.  Not only
    do you risk prosecution, ala T. Harding, but I rather
    doubt we want to enter this still lower gutter.

d)  Pursue a criminal indictment.  Nice in that it really
    gets the target's attention, but it can be difficult to
    do.  And if people object to civil litigaton, I suppose 
    criminal charges would be even more objectionable.

e)  Sue the guy.  It's legal, it's easy, and it get's people's

So, I, for one, think Black Unicorn took the best and most
reasonable approach.  I'd be very interested in which course
(or some other undefined course I didn't think of) that
the anarchists feel would be reasonable...