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Re: Unicorn vs. [email protected]

gtoal writes -

> Of course, no-one has considered the possibility that the [email protected] persona
> was manufactured and played out over time solely in order to boost the
> credibility of the 'uni' persona :-)  [does anyone have any proof that
> *either* of these people exist in real life or that all this flurry of
> pseudo-legal action ever took place???]
> G(in the spirit of Detweiler, since LD isn't around to suggest it himself :-) )

Actually, I find it hard to lend credence to any soap-opera-type-scenarios
of this caliber played out by anonymous personas. 

And I am a staunch supporter of anonymous-based systems, to say the least.

It does, however, give me my recommended daily allowance of chuckles in
the newsgroups.  ,-)

- paul