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Re: Unicorn vs....

>In the discussions of what is or is not an "anarchist", aside from the
>obvious "Anarchist Cookbook" (couldn't resist), is there an official
>Anarchist codicil?  What makes one an official anarchist?

You have to register.  When you fill out the form to register to vote, you
get a bunch of choices for "Party Affiliation", i.e. Democrat, Republican,
Communist, etc.  Then there's a blank line if you want to use something
other that the standard choices.  You write in "Anarchist".

In a month or so, the Board of Elections sends you back a card showing you
to be a registered Anarchist.  Of course, you don't get to vote in the

Well, that's how it works in California, anyway.

Lefty [gYon-Pa] ([email protected])
C:.M:.C:., D:.O:.D:.