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Re: Unicorn vs....

>From: [email protected] (Lefty)
>Sender: [email protected]
>>In the discussions of what is or is not an "anarchist", aside from the
>>obvious "Anarchist Cookbook" (couldn't resist), is there an official
>>Anarchist codicil?  What makes one an official anarchist?
> [stuff deleted]
>In a month or so, the Board of Elections sends you back a card showing you
>to be a registered Anarchist.  Of course, you don't get to vote in the

We get to vote on other issues besides candidates in primary elections in
Ohio.  This is their chance to get taxes passed that failed during the last
general election.

I used to skip the primaries, until I realized this.  I used to think they
were voting on whether to place the tax on the ballot in November, or