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Re: Email Stalking on CNN

various people wrote:
  [various things about email stalking, kill files, and whether AOL 
   has 'em]

No, AOL does not have kill features, but between rebooting their
overloaded computers they are adding new features to their email

Having recently subscribed to both cypherpunks and savoynet, I only
now have my first real need for mail filtering, first in many years of
doing email.

Hey folks, it ain't something my mom is going to figure out any time
soon.  procmail (which several of you very nicely mentioned to
ignorant me, thanks again) has about the worst man page I have ever
seen--imagine hiding the "SEE ALSO" section near the beginning of a
man page?  Now that I have also found the procmailrc man page and have
some examples (thanks pierre) I will soon be shunting you folks into a
different cubby hole from Mikado and leap year discussions.

Related note: when was the last time you successfully explained how to
use PGP to a "normal" ( <- be honest here) person?

The "real world" (which now *does* include email) needs better tools
than this.  If you expect CNN reporters to even know that man pages
exist you are in for a disappointment.

-kb, the money-in-mouth Kent who will donate user interface design
work to c'punk-type efforts to make this stuff easier...

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