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[email protected] (Sidney Markowitz) writes:

> pink computers. People on the mailing list are upset over the underlying
> message of the article that the net is technological and male and no place
> for a poor helpless unscientific woman.
     For almost two years, I was a Tech Support Rep (ooooooo! Evil
Incarnate!) for a software company. It was my experience that, of all the
customers I dealt with, women tended to be less "clued in" about
computers. However, I also found that they were easier to work with, and
didn't require as much "diplomacy" as the male customers I dealt with.
Mind you, this is my experience -- your mileage may vary.

     The whole point here is that, as a whole, women do tend to be less
informed about technology (or at least computers.). Technology is
generally seen, by society, as a "male thing". This trend is changing, but
it is still in force.

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