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Re: (None)

Jeff Gostin <[email protected]> writes:

>[email protected] (Kent Borg) writes:
>> Related note: when was the last time you successfully explained how to
>> use PGP to a "normal" ( <- be honest here) person?
>     Interestingly enough, just yesterday. I assure you, the person who
>needed the explanation was hardly what one could consider 'techno-savvy'.

I suppose your student only knew basic command line navigating, maybe
how to create a directory, fire up emacs, etc.?

Um, that is a pretty far from the mark I had in mind.

Imagine the 'techno-savvy' score of the next person on this earth to
pick up a phone, a person who doesn't know how to dial an
international call.

I want everybody on this earth to have secure crypto (so I can talk to
them), and if the current PGP is as easy as it gets...

-kb, a Kent who can't be trusted, for he likes Macintoshes!

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