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"lifeguard(?)": bullet tracking system???

Hey guys, I heard a blurb on the radio a few days abo about something called
"lifeguard" which can track the source of gunfire.  My guess is that they
use acoustics for this.  I don't know how they can claim that it wouldn't be
confused by non-gun noises, nor what silencers would do to this thing.

They also mentioned that some models can be fitted with guns so as to auto
matically return fire...

Is this bullshit?  Anyone else hear about this?  I wish they'd given out
more info on this thing... I heard this on WCBS (AM) in NYC...

This can have some serious big brother is watching effects in bad neighborhoods.
Such a beast could be fitted with a machine gun to simply fire wherever it
hears a bullet come from, potentially killing anyone else who happens to be
near the source of the fired gun, more likely a hostage with a gun to his head
than the holder of the gun... :-(

Ugh, if this is what the crime bill means, I'm all for legalizing drugs just
to get the cops and criminals out of business...  Shit if every pharamacy
sold cheap drugs, or every liqour store, there'd be a gigantic drop ib
drug related murders.  Sure, the ammounts of stick ups and burglaries that
liquor stores would suffer would rise, but, if the FBI, CIA, ??? are already
involved in drug runnimg, they may as well make it legal and stop hiding their
activities.  (Of course if they did their economic strangleholds would drop)