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Re: Email Stalking on CNN

[email protected] (Mark Carter) said:
>As a portrait of people who _aren't_ on the net, it would be fairly accurate,
>for both men and women.

And if my grandmother had wheels she'd be a bicycle. But she doesn't, she
isn't, the article isn't a portrait of people who aren't on the net and it
isn't an accurate portrayal of anything (according to people who, unlike
me, have read it).

Every article that I've ever read in Newsweek and Time that was on a
subject with which I had first hand experience had wild inaccuracies. I see
no reason to try to find some truth in this article, as that likely would
be a pointless exercise.

More to the point of this mailing list, if anyone out there is a member of
the U.S. version MacPGP development group at qwerty, are you all in the
process of upgrading MacPGP 2.3a to play with 2.6, or providing a version
to MIT so they can release a street legal PGP for the Mac? And if not, why

 -- sidney <[email protected]>