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Re: Detweiler's motivations

On May 30,  5:58pm, Eli Brandt wrote:
> Subject: Re: Detweiler's motivations
> Karl said:
> > I agree it is difficult to determine Detweiler's motivations; I've
> > carried on quite civil email exchanges with him... but the posts from
> > [email protected] are quite bizzare.
> He's still mostly normal in e-mail.  However, I think it's best to be
> careful what you say.  I once responded to a question of his about
> actual instances of PSEUDOSPOOFING; I mentioned a user here who spent
> some time replying to himself on rec.music.industrial.  His response
> was something along the lines of "hee hee you're a tentacle", and
> now look what he's doing to talk.politics.crypto et al....

I had a similar thing happen to: Detweiler sent me private email some months
back, in some apparent urgency, asking my opinion on "pseudospoofing", as "a
director of the Extropy Institute".  I replied that I wasn't in the business -
as an ExI director or otherwise - of having an opinion on everything.

This seemed to really bother him.  He emailed me back, expressing his surprise
that I didn't drop everything and respond to his clarion call.  I'm told -
though I didn't find out until a few days ago - that I too ended up being
listed as a "tentacle".  How amusing.

> Hal's analysis seems plausible to me.  This whole self-reply cascade
> has got to be some kind of surreal propaganda maneuver.

Or a serious local loopback problem.

>    Eli   [email protected]
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