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Sun looking for applicants for secure networks

Begging your pardon for this use of the mailing list, but, if you're
looking for a job developing network security software, Sun's hiring.
Please send resumes or inquiries to [email protected]


Subject: Re: SPARCstorage array and striping
Date: 23 May 1994 18:36:55 GMT
Organization: Sun Microsystems Inc.
Summary: Wanted: Network/UNIX Security Engineers

Looking for candidates.

Responsibilities: Working has part of the Corporate IR group these
positions (2 currently open) are responsible for the internal security
of Sun's Network. Individuals will develop and maintain security
policies, perform audits on existing network and system
implementations, develop tools for the performance of remote audits
and intrusion detection, work with other internal Sun groups to
identify secure methods to inter-connect business partners, evaluate
new security products, drive encryption usage inside corporation,
perform customer presentations, work with enginering groups to test
new OS releases and influence product strategy.

Individuals should have at least 3 IP networking and 5 years UNIX
security work experience. Prefer individuals that have at least a BS
in computer science or directly related field with some software
development background.

Interested parties should forward their resume to:
[email protected] with a copy to [email protected]