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Re: http://digicash.support.nl = NULL

[Harry Bartholomew wrote about problems accessing digicash web page via lynx.]

It looks to me like the web page requires Mosaic forms support. I could see
a little bit more than you did using MacMosaic, which shows the pictures
but doesn't support forms. It was a bit confusing, since I could see a
number of entries for things with prices next to them, such as $5 for the
e-cash software and $0.25 for "information". I couldn't tell how you are
supposed to get either of those without either the software or at least the
information. Maybe someone who has X or Windows Mosaic can tell us more
about what's there. I sent e-mail to the info e-mail address that the page
mentioned and got back the following. (I sent just the word "info" in the
subject and body of the message.) What I find strange about it is that it
looks like an automated reply, but it is asking me to reply as if the mail
will be read by a human. Another interesting thing about it is that Chaum
does not include consumers in his list, just people who are interested in
selling products or clearing money.

After reading all of the copies of the digicash press announcement that
were sent to this list, I'm a bit hesitant to post this, but what the heck.
Following is the reply I got back from [email protected]:

[begin quote]

 Date:      Tue, 31 May 1994 14:51:25 CET
 From: "DigiCash Information" <[email protected]>
 To: [email protected]
 Subject:   ecash-info

 Thank you for your interest in our electronic money technology.
 Because of all the reactions we have received, we have made available
 some background information on our Web server


 If you prefer, we would of course be pleased to provide similar
 information by electronic or paper mail.

 In any case, we plan to be keeping you informed of developments by
 email. It would be helpful for this purpose, if you could let us know
 more about the nature of your interest, and at least which of the
 following categories fits best:

    (a) potential acceptor of electronic cash for services offered
        over the network,

    (b) potentail provider of electronic cash service itself to other
        network service providers,

    (c) member of the press, or

    (d) interested in the technology for other purposes.

 We are looking forward to finding a way that we can work together.

 Very kind regards,

 David Chaum
 Managing Director

[end quote]