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Anonymous Remailers

First, I'd like to announce that I am running a new remailer.  The
address is [email protected]  It supports the standard cypherpunks
headers/format, including the ## pasting header.  It also has a 'fuzzy
matching' routine, that should be able to accept all reasonable
variations of Anon-To and Remail-To.  Upper/lower case is unimportant.
No PGP yet, but I should have that done soon.
Second, I want to ask why everyone else's remailers keep disappearing???
We've recently lost three: [email protected], [email protected],
and [email protected]  Dis.org made no announcement of the
remailer going down, it just disappeared.
Finally, I have set up an automatic remailer ping system on my account
at CMU.  Finger [email protected] to see the list.  It lists the
address of each remailer, the date and time of the last ping message
that it responded to, and how long (in hours, minutes, and seconds) that
it took to receive the response.