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Re: New MacPGP2.3a has arrived.

> [email protected] says:
> > It's amazing that I've been at this a week and the rest of the
> > world is playing with it already, but whenever I get news of your
> > list, I hear there has been no action taken on this new release.
Perry E. Metzger writes
> [offensive ranting deleted]
> I know that many people assume that others will drop everything and
> immediately start doing whatever they ask, but frankly, why should *I*
> care? I don't even own a Mac ferchrissake.

This little rant would sound better if it came from one of the
cypherpunks that had actually written some code on some machine

I recommend that Perry eat a pizza supreme with double cheese
and salami. 

I have only done a little, but I have not flamed those who do

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