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Opportunity to Earn NexusBucks (a MagicMoney currency)

	There are a few user interfaces and client programs I'd like
to have written, but I lack the time, so I am making an offering of
NexusBucks for those who would like to write the user interfaces and
put them into the public domain (or GPL-- any freely redistributable
liscence will do.)

	Community ConneXion: The NEXUS-Berkeley will pay a negotiated
sum of NexusBucks to identities who write software for the
NEXUS-Berkeley. The author of the software may retain full copyright
of the software as long as the software is made freely redistributable
under the GPL (GNU Public License) or a similar system.

	For more details about NexusBucks, look at

	What I'd like written:

1) A client program for the blind anonymous server. I've already
written a very rudimentary client program but it lacks dynamic checks
to see which remailers are up (I'd imagine it could do this by
fingering one of the "active-remailers" lists and parsing that
output-- one such list is running on [email protected]) and error
checking. It's very possible that someone might just want to take my
work and improve upon it.

2) A front-end to the MagicMoney client and server. Again, I've
written a rudimentary user interface to work with the perl wrapper
that I've put around Pr0duct Cypher's server, but it is still a rather
clunky interface. It could use improvement.

	If you have any other ways you might be able to help out, by
writing code or in some other fashion, please send mail to
[email protected]. Also look at http://www.c2.org/nexbucks/earn.html

sameer						Voice:   510-841-2014
Network Administrator				Pager:	 510-321-1014
Community ConneXion: The NEXUS-Berkeley			[email protected]