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Re: Alt.Gvmt.Immorality

Stephen D. Williams writes
> I've always thought and recently espoused that there should be classes
> from the beginning of highschool on philosophy and sociology.  I
> suppose the problem would be which philosophy and whose spin on things
> the schools would encourage.

Alas, due to the fact that no one else is willing to pay 
for philosophy, nearly all philosophy is government sponsored.

Unsurprisingly, nearly all government sponsored philosophy 
logically leads to the conclusion that to avoid killing 
each other, we need to be thoroughly governed, and that 
any restraints on the power of government are foolish or
wicked and selfish.

We have the right to defend ourselves and our
property, because of the kind of animals that we              James A. Donald
are.  True law derives from this right, not from
the arbitrary power of the omnipotent state.                [email protected]