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Re: Alt.Gvmt.Immorality

> Responding to msg by Michael  Conlen:
> ........................................................
> On the note, I offer this quote which is always amusing to me:
> "The only claim made for any organized ideas of human nature is 
> words, a working model of human nature makes things visible, 
> and you visible as well."
>                  -   from "The Human Nature Industry", by Ward 
> Cannel and June Macklin
> Blanc

There are some theories that various 'power' segments of society
actively cultivate a particular working model for their own benefit.
Foremost, of course, are Clergy, lawyers, and gov.  (Has anyone heard
of 'Neo-Tech'?)

I've always thought and recently espoused that there should be classes
from the beginning of highschool on philosophy and sociology.  I
suppose the problem would be which philosophy and whose spin on things
the schools would encourage.

I just think that too many people don't think of themselves on the
'meta' level.  (Thinking about what they think and do and why.)  I had
my little crisis at 13.

Not to mention the fact that there would be more atheists... :-)

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