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Kindness & the Voting Public

Responding to msg by Doug Cutrell:

In the real world, the voting public is not required to 
be kind to the  hospital or the company, either.  If a 
large political block can put into  place structures 
(laws and enforcement) which effectively provide 
coercion  against such denials of service, this is fair 
play as well.

All's fair in love and war.  

But how many of the voting public does it take to squeeze blood 
out of a turnip? (i.e. create something from nothing?)  Before 
the voting public which bands together can coerce a service out 
of some corporate entity, there must first be a Provider in 
existence.  This Provider most probably would not have 
materialized miraculously out of the good intentions of the 
State but would had to go through all the time and trouble of 
gathering the ideas, the resources, and the manpower to make 
their services available to customers.  

Once the corporation, that enterprise, that commerical entity, 
had been created and constructed  - once the building was in 
place, the system set up along with the required equipment, and 
all of the administrative functions had been set in motion,  
*then* the voting public would have an object for their 
attention; they could come together and attempt to take over 
the operation and coerce the Provider into delivering the 
benefits indiscriminately to everyone.  They could probably 
even conspire to have this service for free.  They might even 
succeed in accomplishing it, and maybe it would work for a bit. 
 But I don't know how long Providers could survive without 
remuneration, in the real world, nor how long they would 
tolerate the image of themselves as Slaves to the Voting