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Re: (fwd) "Will You Be a Terrorist?"

In article <[email protected]>, I blathered:
>I do have a couple questions that aren't terribly related:
>	- Are there any known PK message formats that commute?  It seems
>	 clear to me that PGP and RIPEM do not, since that makes no
>	 sense for private key ciphers like DES/3DES and IDEA.

I have no idea why I phrased so badly: clearly, commuting makes
sense with DES and IDEA.  What I meant was "since it doesn't
make sense for compound message formats where the private keys
are encrypted in public key ciphers, as IDEA is in PGP and
DES/3DES are in RIPEM.

Serves me right for posting after being awake for so long.
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