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Re: Exporting cryptographic materials, theory vs. practice


In article <[email protected]>, you wrote:

> Right now, I don't think U.S. Customs is going to ask you if you
> have PGP in your PC if you leave the country, or return either.
> They should, and I'd be proud to say yes.

And you can beam with pride as they impound your PC and take it away.
Gosh.  Sometimes it's just swell to be a cypherpunk.  Kinda chokes me 
up. . . .

Right now the situation is a sort of security-through-obscurity
situation where they're not going to bother you for having PGP on your
laptop's hard disk.  Security through obscurity sucks, but the present
situation is still better than the one where they know what to look for
and what questions to ask, and you're headed for the slammer if you
haven't gotten your temporary export license signed and stamped and
ready to go.

Do you want it to be easier to comply with bad law?

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