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Re: Exporting cryptographic materials, theory vs. practice

I couldn't agree with the general drift much more.

The real objective is to get the customs officials used
to the procedure of dealing the cryptograhic materials.

Your best asset is a good feature reporter and a photograher.

Right now, I don't think U.S. Customs is going to ask you if you
have PGP in your PC if you leave the country, or return either.

They should, and I'd be proud to say yes.

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On Mon, 2 Jan 1995, Marc Horowitz wrote:

> >> My conclusion from all this is that it just isn't possible for an
> >> individual traveler to follow the rules. 
> I can think of a at least half a dozen cypherpunks who will be going
> to IETF in Stockholm in July.  I suspect there are more.  Perhaps we
> should all arrange to take the same flight, while carrying some bit of
> approved-for-export material.  Should drive the Customs guys
> completely nuts.
> 		Marc