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Re: Anonymous payment scheme

On Tue, 3 Jan 1995, Hal wrote:

> >   I don't see why a debit card couldn't be anonymous, even to the point 
> > of having no name, AND no picture on it. Yes, the bank has the money, but 
> > their only obligation is to dish it out to the vendors/ATMs that you have 
> > used your card with. Why should a bank care who you are once they have 
> > your money in the account.
> Again, it is unclear here whether you are proposing that you would be
> anonymous to the bank or just have a blank card.  As I wrote, banks are

  I'm aiming towards anonymous from everyone. The vendor, and the bank. 

> required to get SS#'s for depositers right now, and I wouldn't expect
> that to change any time soon.  If anything, the trend appears to be
> towards more tightening rather than less.  Duncan and/or Sandy have
> suggested giving a fake SS# when you open your secured account; maybe
> that would be legal but it sounds questionable to me.

  I guess I'm being a little too unrealistic about my wishes. In my 
ideal case the IRS and the government would have nothing to do with the 
bank. Fake SS# is a good idea, but noone seems to know exactly how legal 
this is. They could, for example, claim that you were trying to defraud 
the bank and/or the IRS.

> I used my VISA yesterday, and after swiping it through the now-ubiquitous
> card readers the vendor was required by the machine to manually enter the
> last four digits on the card.  He complained that this was something new
> and was happening very frequently now (maybe a change with 1995?).  I

  I hadn't heard of this. Its been a couple of years since I've had a 
VISA card.

> have heard of fraud where people make fake VISA cards (or steal them) and
> re-program the mag stripe to have a different number than what is on the
> front.  Maybe this is a countermeasure for that.  It doesn't sound like a
> blank card is the direction the industry is going.  Does anyone have more
> info on this change?

  That's why I suggested the blank card(no embossing). Without that it 
makes it more diffcult to get your card number. I envision a transaction 
like so:

  1. Card is swiped and the database is checked for your card # and 
enough balance for the purchase.
  2. If authorized, a receipt is printed without card #.

  To get your card # the criminal has to either intercept the transaction 
with the database(not too hard), or comprimise the database itself.

  As long as you keep your card physicly secure you should be reasonably 


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