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Siegel and Lewis

   I just got off the phone with Peter Lewis, reporter for the New
York Times. He is unaware of any grand consipracy to regulate the Net,
but then again if there was one, I don't think they'd tell him.

   His piece that ran Saturday was badly mangled by the editorial
process, especially since it ran on page one. Those articles get to be
mangled by a whole new set of people who otherwise wouldn't get to
touch it. I think Lewis has basically good intentions, and does do his
homework before writing a story.

   Yecchh. Now I know why I don't rely on daily newspapers for my news
(the Internet keeps me up on the fast-breaking stuff, and the
Economist fills me in on the rest). The fact that most people rely
papers and the even worse TV news does not bode well.

   Martha Siegel is just fucked up enough that she will probably push
for legislation regulating the nets. Congress is just fucked up that
they might pass it.