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Re: Comdex Disks?

On Tue, 27 Dec 1994, David K. Merriman wrote:

> Back some time ago, there was some discussion of giving away disks at Comdex
> in NY; by any chance, does anyone have a copy of the contents of what was on
> those disks?  I'd like to be able to give away 'basic info' in
> easy-to-handle format :-)

That was my puppy.  My friend [email protected] and I gave the disks away at 
PC-EXPO and at various other events.   I have the lastest disk version of 
it if you want it, but you'll need to update PGP on the disk and maybe 
include/add/remove some articles from the articles package.

You can call me at 212-618-8818 (work) or email me here, but with the 
situation with my account, call me instead.  (And that goes for anyone 
else on the list willing to send diskettes out.  Please don't call me 
if you aren't going to give out disks and are just interested in a copy.  
You can ftp the old copies from somewhere in Canada...)