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rarachel - no email

Hey guys,

It's me.  Don't let the new account name, and the horrible name of this 
despicable machine throw you off.  It's me, Ray Arachelian.  Some rat(s?) 
hacked into photon, the machine where my home account lives, and now, 
while I can read my prism email by going through major acrobatic 
maneouvers, I have to use this slimy shitty student account.

So for the time being, please direct any mail to this account 
[email protected] (God I hate this machine's name!)  I'll still be 
able to read anything you send to prism for the time being (durring 
winter recess they said.)

See, I have to log in to barney, ftp my mailbox over from prism, telnet 
to barney and delete my mailbox, and then read it with pine... :-(

[Eileen, could you at least build a home directory for my old account 
with a .forward to Barney for now?  Or just let me use prism without 
having to have photon connected to it?]

-- Ray (Arsen) Arachelian.
 [also known as [email protected]/photon.poly.edu, [email protected], etc.]