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EVEN MORE creis for regulation

Yet ANOTHER call for net regulation.  There are so many now I am hard 
pressedto keep track of them.  It appears that the media may adopt 
"regulation of the Internet" as it's next babe. Ya know how the adopted 
the Internet itself first, now watch as the entire mainstream media is 
flooded with calls for net regulation.

Bigots' Growing Use Of Computer Networks Assailed

The Simon Wiesenthal Center on 12-13-94 sent a letter to Prodigy protesting
bigots online messages of hate. Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the center decries
the growing use by hate groups. The Wiesenthal Center wants government
policing of the internet. They fear one-sided exposure of youths to white
supremacist messages. Civil libertarians and white supremacists say that
free speech should prevail. Marc Rotenburg of the Electronic Privacy Info
Center says that it's a difficult issue and that censorship and control are ver
inappropriate. White supremacist groups like the National Alliance and the
American Rennaisance can spread propaganda nationwide. These types of
hate groups are kept out of mainstream media and are thus short of funds.
Valerie Filds of West LA said she saw an anti latino diatribe on Prodigy that
plugged American Rennaisance of Louisville KY. She says she saw a message
that seemed to be from a white supremacist group. She says she saw one 
referring to the "Diary of Anne Frank" as a "Jewish Hoax". The Wiesenthal cente
wants such messages deleted. Anti-semitic comments on Prodigy in 1991
resulted in a policy prohibiting "blatant expressions of hatred". Kevin Strom,
who produces a radio show for National Alliance, said he was recently blocked
from forums on Compuserve. He said that "the system operator decided we
didn't deserve free speech."  His article "The Wisdom of Henry Ford" about the
book "The International Jew" was downloaded 120 times. Georgia Griffith of
Compuserve said "we are not oblidged to publish it for him."  There are 5 m
subscribers to commercial online services, 2 m to Prodigy, 20 m accessing
the internet.  Rabbi Cooper wants the FCC to place a cop on the internet. 
White supremacist propaganda is available on the internet. The Institute for
Historical Review's article "Frequently Asked Questions about National Socialis
is available. Far-right activists say anonymity removes inhibitions too. The 
National Alliance uses Netcom Online Communications Services in California.
Texts and promotions of its radio show are available there. National Alliance
chairman William Pierce said "The major media in this country are very biased
against our political point of view. They present us with ridicule or in a very

distorted way. The information superhighway is much more free of censorship."