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Art and Crypto - Re: I'm back. :)

Lile Elam writes
> I finally got back on cypherpunks. Have been incredibly busy
> but wanted to keep intouch as several artist friends of mine
> want to start using art as a encryption vehicle... Should be fun...

It works on so many levels, as well 
- hiding encrypted bits in the low-order bits of pixel color values
- representing data in the colored spots on a Seurat impressionist work
	or the lines and splotches on a Jackson Pollack imitation
- wondering what the artist _really meant_ by a given figure :-)

It also may be a good way to nag us into doing stealthy versions
of PGP and other cryptosystem headers - steganography is less useful
when the encrypted message always starts off with
and has the recipient's keyid readily findable as well.