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Re: Exporting cryptographic materials, theory vs. practice

James Donald writes:
> On Mon, 2 Jan 1995, Carol Anne Braddock wrote:
> > Right now, I don't think U.S. Customs is going to ask you if you
> > have PGP in your PC if you leave the country, or return either.
> > 
> > They should, and I'd be proud to say yes.
> Well Carol, I am sure your heart is in the right place, but I
> do not agree.
> They should not, and I'd be deranged to say yes.

Of course you'd be deranged to say yes, but just imagine what
would happen if every Customs Thug were required to ask everyone
carrying a PC into our out of the country if they had any software
on it capable of protecting the privacy of their files or communications,
and requiring major paperwork of anyone who said yes....
the law would be gone in a week.

My latest beef with the customs thugs was when I last came back from
Mexico, I noticed that their arm badges said something about like
	"U.S. Customs Service - Protectors of Independence"