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3D TV and crypto

This just might have a crypto app ;-)

Just saw a BBC WSTV report on a 3D TV developed in the UK. Unlike other
extremely expensive 3D TVs based on laser-holograms, this one has an ordinary
hi-def screen, pointing upwards. A beam splitter crosses the screen at an
angle, and reflectors is above and to the side, so the image actually forms
as an intersection of three beams in mid-air. A profile view:

               vvvvvvvvvv     <--- reflects down
                 v ^   /<
   image    <  < v ^ /< < 
   forms         v /> > <     <--- reflects left
   here     <  < / ^< < <
   mid-air     /   ^    <
               ^^^^^^^^^^     <--- TV image is formed here, facing up
The company says 'affordable' models could appear next year.

ObCrypto: Suppose the reflector(s) is another TV, displaying a moving-image
'key'? The main TV image could be 'encrypted' by subtracting the 'key' from
itself... Voila! And there's more... Suppose the 'key' is light passed through
a human hand...

Oh you though the first e-mail from a head of state was from Sweden? Queen
Elizabeth II sent one in the 70s - according to a wonderful episode of BBC's
Tomorrow's World, which did a cyberspace episode that included a sort-of
solution to the travelling salesman problem by BT physicists using evolutionary
algorithms! The episode DID NOT MENTION CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!!!

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